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Why no PRO section for Voice Over?


In the Music & Audio category there are currently PRO subs for:

“Producers & Composers” and “Session Musicians & Singers”

It’s long overdue that fiverr adds VO. There are easily several dozen sellers in VO who could easily support high $$ gigs.


I’m sorry but I don’t think there are many people in the Voice Over category that have social followers or a brand identity that might appeal to Fiverr.

The VO talent on Fiverr is simply one of the finest I’ve ever seen BUT like I said above you aren’t celebrities and you don’t have a massive social following.


I am not sure if it matters, but there is a difference between pro and famous. I assumed that fiverr was selecting their words carefully.


Who said you need to be a celebrity to be a PRO?

I dont think “massive” is mandatory either.


Correct, Here’s fiverr’s own words as to what PRO means:

" Top quality, hand-picked professionals, trusted by the world’s biggest brands"

With that definition, I stand by my original point.


Well, we are top quality, hand-picked professionals, and trusted by the world’s biggest brands… BUT not famous nor people that will bring traffic to the site because we have massive social networks to preach about Fiverr. But I’m sure the moment they can bring famous VO artists to the site, they will promplty open a Fiverr Pro VO category, and we’re probably not going to be in it, despite being on the platform for ages and having a very successful record.

I applied for Fiverr Pro in the VO category a long time ago, and they replied they were “working to add new categories soon”, well, VO doesn’t seem to be in those. A shame.