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Why nobody reply to offers we make?

Whenever we send offer to others on their request nobody reply . How to get attention of buyers ?? any suggestions?

Try to understand what the buyer is really looking for and in your custom offer, send a HIGHLY relevant sample or ask a question that gets them to interact with you. :slight_smile:

First of all your post isn’t a tip for sellers.

Second, you need to be responding to buyer requests with the services that the buyers are looking for (that you have the skills to complete), not that you think they need to buy. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are a lot of buyers posting requests for services that digitally add abs to their photos, make them look like X-Men, turn their house into a spooky Halloween scene, etc.

Those are certainly unique services… but they aren’t in high demand. Perhaps, if you redefine your Photoshop services to be more targeted to what buyers are looking for, you might find yourself with a better level of interest.

I agree, if you want to do Photoshop work, you should have one gig that is titled I will do Photoshop Editing, and then have several photos of before and afters of what you can do. Your current gigs are too specific. When you respond to a buyer request they are going to go look at your gigs and see what kind of work you do.

also think you need to show more than one sample photo in your gigs as well. Your abs sample only has one, and even your X-men, you should add more and also have at lesat one of them have the photo part, so people can see a before and after. Do you only do X-men? Or can you do other Superhero’s?

Another thing in general is that it just takes time to start getting sales if you are new, so have patience.

Send your portfolio as an attachment in the message. If you really have an attractive portfolio, the genuine buyer will definitely get back to you.

Please take what I say as only my 2 cents. I am a buyer and will only be a buyer. What I bring to the table is a one sided view.

I do not respond to many offers. I am looking for a specific thing. I write exactly what I am needing. If the sellers response is not in line with what I am desiring I do not waste my time. Canned answers I typically ignore unless something catches my eye. I have purchased a few design jobs and I currently have a request out. On my current request I have not responded to many because the initial impressions is - Did you even read my request. If you did - Please in your correspondence put to ease my questions or at the very least tell me “how to” order and get the job started.

My current request has a specification for at least two designs, so that I have a choice. I have consistently received offers of services that make no mention of multi design submissions. So again why even bother responding.

Another point. From my view. I have years of experience in the print world as a print broker. I have to question the integrity of a seller when I see an extra gig for the source file AI as well as an extra gig for an editable vector graphic in AI. Last I checked a source file would be editable. I guess my point here is please do not assume that the buyers do not know what they are doing and try to make a quick buck on the inexperienced.

One last point. If you say that you speak English please be able to communicate in written form as well. I am not meaning to be an grammar Nazi, because I know that it is one of my weakest points. I also just despised it in school as well, but I feel that my message is not lost at the same time. I have had to pass on some designers simply because I could not read and understand what they were trying to convey.

I love because many of the services provided here would cost me easily 10-20 times the price in a brick and mortar company. I can and will find a designer that will meet my requirements for my current request and I know I will get quality work. But this is a buyers market. We get to decide who shall dance.

P.S. If your prices are 10 times more then the average and you don’t provide anything more then you. Get over yourself and you will probably get more purchases.

If I hurt anyone’s feelings I am sorry that was not my intentions. This is just why I do not respond.

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I completely agree with everything you have written here.
I have posted requests on here mainly for things which I could do myself but haven’t got the time but also for things I simply cannot do.
If I get a response from someone and they are sending a Custom Offer which is obviously overpriced then I will ignore them.
As you say, not everybody is asking for a Gig they know nothing about.
9 times out of 10 I can do what I am asking for but simply haven’t the time.
I often postvrequest for work on a CSV file which requires alot of Copy&Pasting so it is in a certain format for my e-commerce store.
As the information has to be structured in a specific way, I will send the Seller a Sample CSV containing 3 products and ask them to complete what I am requesting using them and if what they send me is correct them I will give them the Gig.
I always put in my Request the exact number of products etc etc and the amount of times the Seller sends a Custom Offer who, when I send them the full CSV of products, turn around and ask for more money as it is more work than they thought is ridiculous.
That is why I ALWAYS say to send me a Custom Offer and to Inbox me for more details if needed.
Sellers send generic $5 offers having NEVER read what I want and also having no idea of how to do it.
So basically, INBOX the Buyer,ASK the Buyer questions and THEN send a Custom Offer.

To add a little more and give an example:

I just got a gig offer and one of the extra’s -

What kind of extra gig is that. With the exception of 'UNLIMITED REVISIONS" I would expect my job to get everything else. I can understand the “UNLIMITED REVISIONS” I have had to ask some clients to just pick and be happy or we will never hit their deadline.

When other sellers say to be professional this is what they mean.

A buyer should get everything in that extra gig IMO with the exception of the “UNLIMITED REVISIONS” without having to ask or pay extra.

For goodness sake we are paying money for a service and for a seller to have the gall to charge for FULL SERVICE or BETTER DESIGN is a turn off.

Another question I have and is a big turn off - a +1 day to get source files? Really it is going to take an extra day to save the file in AI format? While at the same time I am receiving proofs in PDF or JPG format. Last time I was in Illustrator (which is right now BTW) I could both save and export in a relative short time (a few seconds if I do not mis-type anything) a PDF, JPG, PNG, etc. Charging extra to for a transparent background is a no-no for me as well. If I have the source file I can un-check a background layer.

Question to sellers - why are buyers being charged for you having to make a few checks with in Illustrator? I know some may not use Illustrator/ Creative Suite but the Adobe products are the default go-to standard for the graphics industry. I don’t know a printer that does not use the Creative Suite. Coming in a close second is Coral but again it is just a few clicks.

Sorry if this felt like a rant but again just giving my 2 cents.

i got feedback from a buyer request and she ordered as well. you just need to bid smarter and better than other.

Reply to @thusie: thanks for advice :slight_smile:

Reply to @jonbaas: Thankyou so much for your review on my gigs i will try to fix them can you help me a bit more and guide me in right direction i mean what type of gigs should i have to create .?

Reply to @sincere18: Thank you so much for your help regarding my question honestly speaking while creating account i thought you can provide only one kind of service with your gigs like a specific task . Can you tell me a bit more about working online currently I’m a student and doing BS computer science and really good at programming at related stuff as well but doing photoshop for about 7 years and also video editing & Micromedia flash work like creating mini 2d animations should i create every kind of gig here on fiverr or not?

Reply to @photoshopdream:
I’m not going to tell you what gigs to create. My advice is to find something you are good at (a skill that you have) – that would be a service other people need – and focus on making that a strong, successful gig.

Reply to @jonbaas: Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Reply to @jellyfishonline: Thank you so much for your advice :slight_smile:

Reply to @jonbaas: hello, am also facing the same dilemma as the above scenario,my services is basically creating book cover designs and product package label design. there are lot of buyer request and i tried to apply to them on a daily basis. i do not really get feedback and it is tiring and discouraging. please kindly see what am doing wrong. thank you in anticipation.


Reply to @ecoverwarrior:
Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to review the many gigs other people keep asking me to review. In fact, that’s not my job. Instead, I encourage everyone who asks for my free time to read the great ideas, answers and solutions already posted in this TIPS FOR SELLERS forum. New sellers need to take responsibility for their own success, and more often than not, that responsibility includes doing your own research.

Respectfully, I cannot tell each and every person how to be uniquely successful. You know your business more than I do. What do you need to be successful? If you are motivated enough to answer that question, you’re motivated enough to build your own success upon the answers to that question.

Reply to @photoshopdream: I would not do too many different things to get started. Maybe later on you can add something else, but if you have been doing Photoshop for 7 years, why don’t you have more before and after samples?

I would spend some time researching and reading other sellers gigs who are similar to yours. Look at high rated sellers who are doing photoshop, get ideas of how to make your gigs better.

Reply to @sincere18: Thanks love your advice . :slight_smile:

Reply to @threehweb: finally a buyer respond :smiley: Thank you so much sir for all you said your whole comment was full of information for many sellers and i think you are absolutely right that one should provide exactly what buyer is looking for with how to buy or order. As i am new here on fiverr I tried many things like i will provide you sample of work with your requirements before accepting my offer if you like the sample i will do the complete job and at the same time i understand the people don’t have time to waste but as i said i am new on fiverr i tried my best and i am still trying hope to get some clients . Thanks for your comment . :slight_smile: