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Why non-native writers don't recieve orders?

Can someone explain why most people prefer a Native writer over the Non- native ones.

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Sometimes the non-native ones don’t know how to write correctly. Your sentence in the title is a good example:

Why Non Native writer don’t recieve orders

I have always wondered why sellers who claim to be writers will capitalize words at random in sentences. It seems to be a universal trait of non-native writers.


Please I need explanation on this answer.

I don’t feel like giving an English lesson. Maybe someone else feels like explaining the grammatical errors.


Thanks for this - Grammatical errors is one of thier mistakes.

If you’re going to be offering content writing services, stating that your English is fluent, then your profile and gig descriptions have to reflect this.

Sadly, yours don’t - you need to check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Only then will buyers trust you enough to put their faith in your writing services.

Good luck! :sunny:


Waoh. I’m learning.Thanks a lot.


It is surprising the one review your content writing gig has is from another Nigerian content writer.


I guess it is possible for non-native speakers to get orders if the buyer placing the order is not a native speaker themselves.


It would be the blind leading the blind.


Dear Rasol,

I am a not-native writer and have received some 90 orders in a short span of about three and a half month.

I do agree we non-native speakers have to work harder comparatively but saying that we don’t get orders is not correct.

Keep applying for buyer requests in a professional manner and explain them why/how your services are going to deliver them what they want and I am sure your sales are going to increase.



Thanks.I appreciate these words of encouragement

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Well,I may not agree with you here. Not all Nigerians are under-exposed.Professionalism isn’t about where you come from,it’s all about constant practice and improvements.

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I am surprised you sent me a message telling me to hire you.

I think clients are more interested in quality work. I make mistakes too but I am quick to correct them when a client points them out. It’s natural to find it hard to write in English if it’s not your first language. However, you can still learn and improve over time. Reading good blogs and books is a great way of improving your spoken and written English.


He should have asked for mentorship :open_mouth: :thinking:

I’m glad you think this way. When I was signing up to Fiverr (April), I was advised by my “expert” friends to change my IP (to either US or UK) so that it reflects native instead. Note that I had been offering my services to clients outside of Fiverr ever before, so I know my writing is good.

Long story short, I didn’t budge to their pieces of advice and instead, opted to go with my true identity. I won’t say it has been easy, but I worked so hard, I got mainly 5 star reviews and reached my second level in the second month.

Again, it hasn’t been as easy, but I’m glad I’m doing something to rep my country in good light, especially with all the negativity going around. So, yes, some of us non-natives are good with our English.


Bravo, Chris. I wanted to give you 10 :purple_heart: for that comment.

No one ever said life was easy or fair. It’s so hard not to cave into peer pressure and go with the flow.

I am looking forward to seeing you reach the top.


Thanks Gina. That means a lot :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I work with a lot of article writers and wouldn’t dream of selecting a writer based on their country of origin. The best writers I currently work with all speak English as a second language and are exceptionally skilled at what they do.

If you’re offering writing services in English, you need to be able to write at a native/fluent level, it doesn’t matter where you come from.