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Why not able to getting first order?

Experienced top sellers please help new users to get started and get the first order. I myself not able to get first order in almost 2 days. How much wait i needed. i have also sent more than 14 offers to buyers.

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If the only thing you do is waiting, then you might never get an order. There were people who waited and got an order after 7 months or even 3 years, while some never got an order, because waiting is not an option.

Fiverr doesn’t guarantee you any orders/sales, and instead expects You to do something to get clients.

Show Fiverr that you’re a #doer, so what did you do to get orders?

If you want to know how to get sales, » Read the UpYour posts « written by one of the Forum Moderators


You are right @woofy31 i am improving day by day, step by step. Today is my 3rd day i joined fiverr on 25 oct 2017. I am hopefull that i will get orders from buyers soon. @woofy31 i am also getting much help from podcast and forum of fiverr. I am really glad there are good and top seller like you @woofy31 who help peoples like me new seller. this is very good thing i find here.


I think i need improvement in my gigs. and need to add more than one gigs.

HI i m rozmeen. i m turkish . i also want to get the first order , i were made my gig before 10 days , but no one give me order… what do i do? please suggest me