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Why not buyer request my fiverr account?


I am not able to find Buyer Requests?


already my 6 gigs active but why not buyer request .


The buyers request is here
if can’t find it there then you should contact support… If your question was why there are no buyers requesting for services in your buyers request, then maybe it’s because it a slow month…
Although I here there is a new menu being rolled out.


That black bar, as of today, no longer exist for me.

It is now a white bar. The only thing on it is my icon and messages. The Community, Selling & Buying, all went away. If she has what I have, she won’t be able to access it like that any more.


You are hilarious, Barbapapa. Vickie ‘The Viking’ Spencer asked you to be more specific with your problem, so she can guide you. You probably didn’t dug that.


@vickiespencer this is your new nickname. I dig it! :smiley:


Your arrow path is super educational. Could have never did it better. :grinning:

If OP does not find where the “Buyer Requests” are after this elegant map illustration, something’s wrong with the map. :grinning:


Why Thank you! I am very proud :star_struck:of my Viking bloodline. :sweden: :norway:


okk I agree with you


BR problem solved? or you’re still having issues?


The new white interface is what you are describing. That is correct … but if you scroll to the far left of the top bar there is a little 3 bar menu. It shows Post a Request under Buying but nothing under Selling to indicate where you find Buyer Requests. On my desktop I get the old black interface and on my laptop I get the new white interface.


Where did you hear this?


Is the buyer request helpful? Well I never even experienced buyer request! For my interest I have send only few offer to the buyers from the buyer request interface. But the results was nothing ! After that I found my gig impression going down! It’s terrible


You check again and again your buyers request. After refresh you you do it.


@abauer5188 ℹ Fiverr Menu Redesign - 2017 and Is that a New Update

OT black bar/white bar

That´s weird, did you contact CS about it? I´m getting the white bar when I make the browser window smaller, and the top bar loses everything but icon and messages too, but the bar right below the top bar has Selling, Buying etc. (though not Community, that´s gone).


Do you have any gig in your profile. If not then you wouldn’t get any buyer request in the buyer request segment.


Contact customer supprt :slight_smile:


How to black bar /white bar in my account?


Well, as I said above, for me it works when I resize the browser window; I don’t know if it works for your account. FYI, I have a 15" inch screen, it might not work on smaller screens, as some people before said, the white version seems to be geared towards tablets.