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Why Not Fiverr Add More Category like sports releated


I started new gig of Sports Betting Tips and i didn’t get any relevant category for my gig, so i choose Fun and maketing> other category. I hope Fiverr Stuff will also add more catgeory so we can get relevant Buyer order and request.


@bettingtips1 Depending on what tools you offer to advise buyers, I could see some betting advice gigs going in Data Analysis & Reports. Otherwise it seems to me you have great options in Fun and Lifestyle that are probably better than Marketing/Other.

Gaming would be a good choice since the betting industry fits pretty well in Gaming. Many gigs there are video game related, but not nearly all of them. There are already quite a few gigs related to gambling in that section. There are Poker gigs, Blackjack gigs and I think I’ve seen Horse Racing Tips there. Online Lessons could be another useful category if you can write your gig descriptions to work that way. I doubt Fiverr would create a Sports category because I think it might be too narrow. Personally, I’d go with the Gaming category but new gigs are a gamble anywhere. :wink: (Sorry for the joke, I could not resist.)


@taverr Now, why didn’t I think to suggest that? :wink:

Edit: Don’t remove yours, you gave added info on finding the categories. I was just teasing you. :slight_smile: