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Why not getting any order?

My Response Rate 100% Delivered on Time 100% Order Completion 100% my level 2, no negative feedback and I always maintain this . in 2018 I Earned $9,000+ but 2019 I Earned $1,880.4 this is significant revenue loss. I don’t know why I am not getting that much Order in 2019. I remember i was on a vacation in 2018 December. after that my order significantly decrease. now I am totally zero Order but now I am able to provide 100times better service than 2018.
please, guys, check my gig and suggest me how can I overcome it. check my GIG


It may be due to the demand of your item, maybe you should try to create new gigs.


Hello, I had orders decrease too after I took off for just a week this year and they never went to the previous level. They picked up some though.

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Your designs are just freaking awesome!!

It could just be that time of the year. In the USA, this is crazy one holiday after the next.

Last year, I bought some art work as Xmas presents but not much else in Nov, Dec, & Jan.

Some change or add a holiday gig temporarily for the winter season.

I hope things really pick up for you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, sorry to hear that you are not getting any orders even with a very good profile! I think you also know that this is a very frequent issue!

From my observation, this is a very common scenario nowadays for most of the Popular Job Categories like graphic design, website design, data entry, and so on! We need to develop & improve our skills based on the current market demands and it’s a continuous process due to the rapid transformation in technologies.

I’ve been working as a WordPress Designer for the past 7 years but still, I have been learning digital marketing from the last 3 months due to the higher competition on WordPress category. After learning digital marketing to a standard level, if I offer / provide wordpress website design and digital marketing services together then it would really make a difference with lots of other sellers who are only offering wordpress website design services. In fact, I have already started getting some potential clients with my combined knowledge so far and I’m really excited to do something great very soon!

I hope you’ll start getting orders very soon! Keep rocking brother!

Thank you,


Hi, thank you so much for sharing your advice and welcome to our Fiverr Community :heart:

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I am new on fiverr. I got 1st order and completed with 5star rating. but got second order by a customer who don’t want any services. I had to cancel the order and as a result my order completion rate went down to 50%. Now my gigs are not getting impression and views. I thought it to be mysterious, I am facing the problems due to mistake of a customer. It is my worst experience.

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