Why not getting new order on fiverr?


Someone can suggestion to me ? Why i not geting any message or order from last some days. approximate 20 days ? :smirk:

Before this my profile was working good. I think i have everything good like :

  • Good reviews ( 350+ )
  • Good rating ( 5/5 )
  • Good experience in my work & providing always perfect work to my clients
  • Good comunication

Can someone suggest to me ? so my profile can work again.

Thanks in advance


Don’t know buddy, I am also not getting orders from last month.


Changes in algorithm might be affecting your gigs. Try sending offers via buyer request and you can also add more gigs.


algorithm means ? do you means by my gig description etc ?


This happen when fiverr is not promoting their service on social media. When they does. huge sales

These days I am having few low sales. But promote on social medias that will increase your impression. then again there will be sales again. You can give some discounts so people will come again


Have you looked in a dictionary for the meaning? That may prove helpful to you.