Why not getting order yet?


My GIGs are alive for weeks. Everything looks ok to me. I’m actually an expart. But not getting any sale yet. What’s problem could be?


I am facing the same problem



actually you should maintain your rating first , then improve your packages and of course put simple and attractive presentation in your gig also share anywhere like FB,G+ your personal blog if you have, I hope that’s will work


You will receive a order
Be patient
buyer request sent
Promote gig


I am disappointed that you haven’t done better. You do look like an expert, your English language skills are good, and at least one of your gigs has great art. Here are some ideas:

Fix your profile picture. The convention in the western world (where the vast majority of Fiverr buyers reside) is to smile broadly in business portraits.

If your spoken English is as good as your written English, make a good gig video (not an explainer video!). If it can’t be really good, don’t do it.

Redo your gig images on the 2 gigs that need it most (you know which ones).

Create a new gig every week, deleting what you think is the weakest one. New gigs get extra exposure.

Create a website gig. A landing page vs. a website is a pointless distinction, and there is more search for the latter.

The moment you get your first 5-star review, raise your base price to $10 or $25. Nobody really wants a $5 website. That’s like hiring a $5 prostitute. Some things sell better if the price goes up a bit.


You should send buyer request daily and also add an eye-catching image to your gig preview. That will help.


Thanks Mr. selfors, for your excellent review. I think your ideas will be a great help for me.


thanks for your suggestion, definitely, I’ll do that.


Should Everyday Send Buyer Request And Share Social Medai Site Your Gig Will Be Rank And Get Order Stay Active With Fiverr At Least 5-7 Hours.That Will Help You.


try to upgrade your gigs, don’t copy from others! highest, u can take ideas from other gigs, but don’t copy, try to make a video on behalf of ur service & finally be patience! hope u will get order soon .
best of luck 🖒


Very good info :+1::+1::+1::+1:
You rocked in the last line :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


It takes time. Patience is the key here for the new buyer. Make sure you stay available 7-8 hours here and bid on the buyer requests. You will get a client within 10-20 days and that is when your story begins. Good luck


Brother share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you :point_right::point_right::point_right::point_right:


don’t worry. keep calm & patience. :smiley:


Need To Improve Your Gig Description And Keep Patience