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Why not getting orders in januray?

Do NOT recommend that she reach out to her “old buyers” to see if they need anything. That can be considered spam, and will get her account a warning or worse, banned. Once you deliver an order, let the buyer contact YOU if they need to, not the other way around.

Since you recently joined Fiverr, what likely is occurring is, when you listed your Gig, it got a boost being new, and now that period is over - so, your Gig is probably not getting the same exposure as it did when new. It has nothing to do with people vacationing through January.



I also have earned a lot in December but in January it is not as good as December my gigs are down for a few weeks and I even not have made any changes in them hoping that everything will get fine by the evolution’s time which is 15th of January. Also, there could be a factor of your average selling price.


Is average selling price important (to the algorithm)? mine is $10-14, it might be $30 for me… by the end of this month.


very helpful and needed for this time

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hope for that, its really painful for us who take freelancing as a job

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Yes, it does affect the ranking if it is decreasing gradually or you are not able to keep it constant.


What is your source for that?


Lil breaks are like a blessing. Do enjoy them, drink coffee and have fun. Once you dive into the cycle of consistent orders, you will miss this time too lol

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Ah, it is the monthly “why am I not getting orders in x month” topic! Perhaps your issues have less to do with the name of the month and more to do with other factors. Try doing some research on how to improve your gigs and your market positioning.


I have experienced it personally. Whenever I try to improve my average selling price my gigs ranking starts getting better.

Have some patient am sure you will start get order soon.

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What’s your area? I wonder if all areas are going through the same situation or if it’s only specific ones.

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Seller facing this problem in January… So, Don’t worry for that.

Probably to do with the rotation of gig ranking. I was really busy during December and beginning of January, so much so that I had to pause my gig as I was over booked. I checked my gig ranking and noticed I was on page 2, so that would be the reason for the sudden influx of orders. However, I am not getting any orders now, and my gig has disappeared from the first few pages. But I will be patient and wait for the rotation to happen again…I hope.

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Fiverr is a open and big market place. So every day huge buying and selling in this market place. It is not correct that sales will be lower in December or January or February. It’s normally sometime order increase sometime decrease. So no worry order will come.Do your level best.

You can share gigs on social media and make buyer requests. Hope to be waiting for an order for you very soon :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not about month what I think , be patience , and do your social media marketing , I wish you will overcome soon.

Hello! How r u?

You may know Fiverr is a open and big market place. So every day huge buying and selling is occured in this market place. It is not assume that sales will be lower in December or January or February. But It’s a normal process to increase or decrease the order but it depends on rational criteria of Fiverr. So dont worry! Left your tension then order will come automatically :wink:

Thanks for all of yours suggestions… as a new seller I acquired lot of thing from here…:relaxed: