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Why not show my gig after add online filter


i am a logo designer and new to fiverr… :blush:
Normal search my gig new user category find it on first page. but after add online filter Then it will not show.
whats is this problem? :thinking:

Thank you


:thinking:Mine hasn’t been showing online for over a week. CS says it’s a technical issue.



yes… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Though not about my gigs, cos they display after add the online filter. But I noticed that the online filter doesn’t bring the total amount of online sellers. It is somehow strange for just only about 10 sellers of a gig to be online out of over 1000 sellers of the same gig.


In my category it doesn’t work either except for two lucky sellers.


I have never checked my gigs :see_no_evil:


:no_mouth: it’s doing a serious number on me right now… timing couldn’t be worse.


Same here

Also, I can’t find the available now filter. Or maybe it wasn’t there before