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Why not showing delivery picture in gig portfolio?


Hi, When I deliver source file , I also deliver with a JPEG file. After Accepting order and giving feedback, there is not adding those pictures in my gig portfolio. My first 2 order was okay, but now i have delivered my 22 no. order. But still facing this problem. Why it is happening.

How can i solve it. Please help me.


That is because, buyer not choose that option for you when he leave a feedback to you. Look, dalibor86 choose that option for me, and now I have that image in my gig portfolio.


How I will tell to my buyer to select this option? can you give me a screen shot of your sent massage. it will help me.


After you deliver your work to buyer, ask them to select that option because you want that work on your gig portfolio.


Thank you very very much! Your are really good mannered.