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Why not showing my gig images?

Two days ago I changed my gig image of three gigs. From after that not showing my gig image. Always show to loading which I included. Can anybody help me why me why showing like that? What can I do for?


Fiverr always takes a while to update the images. Two days is not normal, so you might want to contact customer support for that. However, please make sure that your image is fully complacent with Fiverr’s guidelines (Click Here). Also, use a private browser or different computers and search for your gig on those. Hopefully it won’t be too far back in the database. If you are a new seller, it’s going to take time for Fiverr to rank you properly. Cheers!

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Thank you so much for your helpful comment…

re-upload your images once again, i think it will be okay. make your images size is perfect before uploading

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Yes, May be this is problem. I don’t convert image size. Thank you so much.

how did you solve this issue? facing this problem