Why not Spanish?


I used to have GiGs in English and a Spanish version. This made the Spanish-speaking public easily reach the services it offered. The question because suddenly had to remove everything that was in Spanish? We can support ourselves by translating, what do you think?


Por que no espanol?



Hola Jessica,
Please post a translated version of your post as well.

Fiverr Forum is an English language site, so that others do not misunderstand what you may have written, either change it to English or include an English version as well.

Gracias. :slight_smile:


Right!! But my serious proposal, join us and support fiverr including Spanish language. My sales in Latin America fell. I give an example, Facebook has years putting a series of questions to help improve the translations. It would be great to come to terms with fiverr, some win - win scheme. It is absurd that today the platforms are closed to new markets . Will 700,000 Hispanics no longer need services in fiverr?