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Why now a days getting buyer poor day by day what is the solution

Nowadays of two days i am geeting low buyer request How can i get the the solution to more buyer request?


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thank you for your sugesstion i will follow your suggestion

How is that going to affect the number of buyer requests? As sellers we can’t control the number of buyer requests we get and if there is an algorithm we don’t know how it works.

Nobody is going to be able to give you advice that will guarantee you get more buyer requests. Just check your buyer requests occasionally, at the end of the day unless you are a brand new seller I don’t think you shouldn’t rely entirely on buyer requests.

@web_expert20 Instead of trying to change things you can’t control, I recommend you look at what things you can control: your gig offerings, pricing, images, titles, descriptions, and most importantly the service you provide.


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Thank you for your sugesstion