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WHY oh WHY...Do We (SELLERS) Have To Suffer The Abuse of Disgruntled Buyers?

Hi to the Forum and all of the Great Sellers here like myself. I encountered What I thought was going to be a Great Customer who Contacted me to Hire me for some Quick WP Work. Man, was I wrong.!!!

The client asked me could I instal a Fresh install of WP and I replied YES, I can. HE informed me that HIS old website was still up and they wanted it to remain active until the NEW Design and website had been completed. Only thing…we DON’T want to Actually start the design work on the New website yet…But can we add and MIGRATE 70 Blogs from the Old website…while waiting on the New Work to begin?

Mind you, I had already sent them the Custom order for one on my WP Install Gigs…$25 Install Set Up Home Page and Get Blog Ready! Not An Issue…I’m Ready To Get this done. I explained it would take me just a bit to install, setup, and Create what they needed from me, and what WE had agreed too be done.

He’re’s where things get strange. I sent the custom order, They Accepted it, and I was WAITING on Access to their C-panel to install WP.

His next set of messages where very bizarre and I couldn’t really understand WHAT had Just Happened…The next message said…“Can you do it or not…if not…refund our money!!!”

I didn’t know how to respond to the message, because remember, we had just agreed to The install and price…in a Custom order that THEY Accepted!!! SMH…I replied…“Huh? I don’t understand what you mean. WHY are you requesting a refund after you JUST agreed to The Custom Order?”

His next message echoed the previous response…“Are you going to Do ALL OF THIS or not, if no give us our money!”

I’m really thinking to myself…“What Just Happened?” I’m NOT understanding WHY they want a refund. I say “THEY” because HE said “OUR and WE Are Hiring You.” : )

Back to the issue…

So for about 20+ minutes there was NO Reply from the client…So I began to Proceed with what I needed to START and Complete the gig…Clearly not understanding what the clients were going to do. I told the Client that I could Offer my Licensed Coming Soon Plugin…to Place on the New Website…So Customers wouldn’t see the work being done…as a Courtesy. Always offering MORE than the Gig is for…All for my Clients.

The next reply from the clients was…“Can you install this somewhere and Develope the New Website for us…while Parking the WP Install…lol…? (WOW!!) and then allow us access to MIGRATE 70+ Blog’s to the Site while it’s being developed?” and there was more…but…nevermind that. : ) (SO Much Confusion, SMH)

I kindly messaged back…and explained the Correct Process of what they Actually wanted and were trying to say to me, without knowing that they were NOT asking correctly for what they wanted…All the while…Barking and Ranting at me…and I was Just trying to accommodate them.

The next message from the client said, that they had spoken with their DEVELOPER/TECH GUY and that he had informed them to…Give him access to their database and allow him to FTP everything to get the design out of the way…I DIDN’T UNDERSTAND THE COMMENT EITHER lol…but No Worries. I’m always professional…and want my clients to be happy.

I replied with…“Please tell your Tech Guy that there is an EASIER way to accomplish this.”

My Next message from the clients…was "“THIS IS A COMPLETED MESS!!!”

“How do I get my money refunded?” I said, send me a Request for a Mutual Cancel…and I’ll accept it with no issues.

The client then began to abuse me with unkind words, and references to him being a customer service expert…and WHY he didn’t like using fiverr…“because You can’t call and talk to sellers one on one!”

He began to be Very Rude and Aggressive in asking for his money to be returned…and told me…“I don’t care about anything else, Just Refund My Money!” I had already selected the Report Button…and I pray that Fiverr Staff really does something to protect us sellers from Disgruntled, Malicious, and Deceitful buyers…who have NO Intent But To defraud Us…and get free work, then ask for refunds…or give us bad reviews. The Moral of this story…is…Be Great at what you do, Be kind, and Be Professional at ALL TIMES In Spite of Malicious, angry, or Disgruntled Buyers!..GOD and The Fiverr Team, Will Reward You For Your Efforts and Talent!!! Thanks for listening. : )


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LOL…you make it sound so interesting…it’s like I’m watching a movie with you and your nasty buyer :slight_smile:

Horrible experience. I would have just cancelled after the first rant. Also, if this guy had his own developer/tech guy, why did he need you? My guess is that you buyer didn’t have a tech guy and was actually getting you to do work for one of his own clients. This also might explain his “I hate Fiverr rant.”

I’ve come across a few buyers who seem to be struggling to pull off the whole reseller thing and I think they just get more and more stressed until they finally explode.

I see things like this ALL the time.Just think about this for a moment. If someone has a developer working for them why would they want to hire someone else? Either the developer is in reality his customer and neither of them had a clue of what you were asking for and that’s why he threw his toys out of the pram, or he does have a developer who feels threatened and does not want to help. I have had a lot of customers and I do mean a lot who after asking their web devs for logins and passwords for their own sites have been told “I’m not giving it to you”. No beating around the bush, its you work with me and you don’t get access to your own site.

What I usually do to avoid anything like this is to tell buyers straight away what is needed before making an offer and make sure they understand what you are asking for and make sure they have it. If the customer starts saying things like I need to ask my web dev for the c-panel login or I need to find my FTP login or my web designer will not give me the wordpress login then I would not give them an offer until you get it.

Its just sad that these things often happen and we’re not protected by any type of system here on fiverr…When we should be. Buyers like this pose RED FLAGS…when you see this…GET Out and Cancel…it’s better to gain 3 more New Satisfied customers than to lose one unsatisfied one…for no reason.

Mark I agree. I always let my clients know whats needed before the gig starts…that way, there Never any Confusion. I new he didn’t have a DEveloper nor a team of them…I still don’t know what he was upset about…other than…The Process was too advanced for him to catch on too…So he had a Momentary lapse in judgement. Well he sent a mutual cancel…so that’s better than a undeserved bad review.

We don’t, tell them there’s the door and don’t let it hit them on the way out, just cancel, you don’t need the hassle of a dumb ass client, I sort of have a radar for these clowns and either deny them straight away or cancel if I feel if there’s anything dubious about to happen, I mean seriously is it really worth 20% of $5 to go through all the bs that you know you’re going to have to endure? I say NO, you should to! :slight_smile:

You’re right about the dumbass radar. I had a client the other day who gave me 2 lines of brief which didn’t give me any real direction. In this case, I sent him a polite message asking if he could supply a link or similar to his website or expand on what he does and what he wanted the piece he wanted written to achieve.

Getting no answer, I today cancelled this order explaining that the buyer was more than welcome to re-order once he could supply more info. His response:

“I guess if I have to provide all of the content I’ll do it myself”

Now that’s fine. But what do people expect? Me to be a mind reader? And what is with the note of hostility? It’s like walking up to a clerk in a store and saying, “BREAD! NOW!” - I’m just pleased my Fiverrdar manages to weasel most of these idiots out.

They think because they’re online that they’re anonymous, so they have a bit more courage to be forward and demanding, sort of like the troll mentality but little do they realize that just like in the physical world, if you want things done for you, it pays to have manners! :stuck_out_tongue:

there are lots of them on this site and its most annoying, for $5 they will keep going from one seller and making him to cancel the order and refund the money and they go on to another unlucky seller and the same thing occurs. the moment i see a potential customer asking too many questions when my description has taken care of such ,i just cancel his order when he makes the move because i know that the end might not be pleasant.

I just had a semi-similar experience with a buyer. She was really sweet at first, but after delivering a $90 PowerPoint, which took me a week to complete, she told me it was nothing like she wanted and demanded a cancellation. I offered to fix it how she wanted it, but then she started telling me that she doesn’t think I even know how to do a Power Point at all. I’m a level 2 seller, and have 100% feedback over the last 2 years I’ve been with Fiverr. She wants me to just give it to get for free (it’s done, already). She keeps trying to cancel it, and I keep refusing. I don’t want bad reviews, but don’t want to give work away, either. What is wrong with people?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the presentation I had to make was from scratch and most of the days I spent were just trying to figure out exactly what she wanted. It really makes me not want to continue on here, anymore.

I know the feeling, I just made a post in one of my threads about a client that seemed normal at the start then turned into a fool by the end of it, basically stuffed me a round for a month, send me links that didn’t work and when I asked for ones that did had the nerve to call me rude and unprofessional, I mean they really should look up the definition of irony…Muppets! :stuck_out_tongue:

yes, they ask so many questions when they are whacked out. Like feeling you out.

Happens to me all the time. The buyers get really bossy and abusive as soon as they place the order. The behave like loving Siberian Husky before placing the order but as soon as the order is placed, the whole attitude changes. They start to behave like aggressive pitbulls. I cancel the order whenever I feel like the client isn’t worth working with. I don’t like people who think they are GOD if they are spending money.

I just recently had the same issue. This moron buyer ask me to his crappy sketch exactly as a digital file which I did. He then complains its not at all what he wanted and requests a cancellation. I explained I did the exact sketch he wanted and placed my image on top of his to prove my point.

This idiot still was expecting something different. I continued to deny his request to cancel. He finally sends me an image another designer did…its the same damn thing I did with a few minor changes.

I EM cust support and of course theyre no help. So I basically got screwed. Didnt care bout the money …its the principle that really annoys me.

And this idiot Buyer has the gall to say my wrk was amateurish. Maybe he should look at his drawing. A two year old can do better.


That way they feel better about themselves.

I’m surprised you didn’t just cancel like they wanted from the beginning when they started acting weird right after accepting your offer. It would’ve saved you a lot of time that they decided to waste. Also, when people say “our guy told us etc”, they never have a “guy”. If they did, they wouldn’t be on Fiverr looking for someone else to do the work for them. You’re a good one for trying to accommodate them for as long as you did.

Yeah the “my guy” ruse, I like calling them out on it, like asking what’s that guys name, who is he, why are you on here if you have a guy that knows what he’s talking about? The replies are always the same, he’s either too busy or charges too much, yeah of course! :stuck_out_tongue: