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WHY oh WHY...Do We (SELLERS) Have To Suffer The Abuse of Disgruntled Buyers?


I really truly feel you here! I’m just having such an experience as I speak. All good and very polite at first, with no intention to bargain on the price I had offered, and then, after the delivery, I was suddenly an amateur. The laugh is that he is a seller too, offering the same service as I do. I thought “why wouldn’t I just help a fellow seller? Maybe he has a lot of orders to fulfill, and he asks for my help”…Yeah, right! I’m sure he will ask for a refund so that he’ll get the work done for free, and the money from his client in full, contrary to me. I know better now. I also don’t want all my efforts and hours spent on this work to be spent in vain, but I don’t want a bad review either! I will have to weigh the cost of each and decide. Fiverr should do something to make arbitragers, scammers, and other disgusting, little creatures difficult to live in here!


Ugh, Amen to your story and to everything you said. We sellers aren’t protected by anything even if we do file tickets, Fiverr doesn’t really care and would go over to the side of the buyer even if they’re on the wrong.


I am in the middle of just such an issue with a buyer. Kicking myself now, but after a series of trying to cancel and reject the order, the buyer finally asked for me to redeliver it, even though I delivered the order 4 separate times.

I have contacted Fiverr customer service and the system is set to complete the order in 3 days. Will redelivering it reset the system, so he is able to try canceling or rejecting it all over again?