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Why on Earth Fiverr added this OPTION on Our GIGs?


Fiverr say DRIVE TRAFFIC to your GIGs. Now they have added an OPTION like eCommerce store so that the traffic we drive on our GIG will have chances of driven to other users GIG before they ORDER the GIG.



But this is really NOT COOL. If i drive traffic to my BUSINESS CARD DESIGNING GIG, buyer will see that people who bought my GIG also BOUGHT those below GIG, he might think these GIGs are better. So he will leave my GIG. There are MORE CHANCES of this.

It really is BAD FEATURE!


I haven’t seen this on my gig pages.


I am seeing this OPTION on all GIGs Pages under the EXTRAS!


Oh boy…this doesn’t sound too good for sellers. I gotta see what’s this is about.


Ya…so before customers see my nice positive reviews they are already viewing other peoples gigs? That’s not really fair, why wouldn’t they put it below the reviews?


I don’t see this either on my gigs or anyone else’s regardless of if I am logged in or not


It’s my big concern as well!!

I just notice it last night. Not happy with this, how come other seller’s gigs in a good position of my gig page?? But my other gigs are in the bottom of the page??? To drag my buyer’s away??

I don’t mind you add this other seller’s gigs thing if fiverr insist to do it, but at least swap them position? My other gigs above the latest comments, other seller’s gig at the bottom??


Reply to @kjblynx: They took it down then. It was there last night, I was going to screen shot it. Well, if it’s gone, I’m happy again.


It seems is GONE… I am unable to see on those profiles on which i personally checked and which profile i took above screenshot is also not showing there.

I WISH its just removed. :slight_smile:


This new option (“People who bought this also bought”) has been streaming across all my gigs for the past few days along with a string of other people’s gigs. Amazon offers this option as well, but runs it below the product clicked on ~ rather than right smack dab in the middle of the main product page. Meanwhile, my sales have dropped dramatically…from several each day to zero. Coincidence?


NO. As stated above, this feature is not REMOVED.

It is still there.

To be honest this new feature should be on the page where buyers redirected after paypal payment. That page is the correct place for such thing to show.

This feature should not be on gig page at all.


I absolutely hate this option. I just complained to Fiverr about the fact that a “sexy school girl” gig appears on a few of my gigs as a recommended option. I took a bunch of disturbing screen shots from the woman’s portfolio asking why they are even allowed in the first place. I’ll attach one of the least graphic photos… Let’s see how soon it gets banned from the forum. (On a side note, if it’s banned here, why is the gig even allowed on Fiverr, let alone to have a live portfolio where she is topless?)

It’s bad enough to advertise other sellers on MY gig page. Why does a porno girl need to be on my page, too?! I hope they’ll fix it.


Reply to @alliemadison12: This is really not good at all :frowning:


Strange, I don’t see such thing at all on my gigs or yours


Reply to @damoninc: It is just really weird. I also unable to see when i use my laptop no matter i clear cache etc. But when i use my desktop pc that new feature is there.

But this new feature is there for sure! And i see on your Cartoon character gig just right above your reviews.


yes I’ve got it as well :confused:

that’s ridiculous !


Reply to @wingle:

Hmm indeed I open it on macbook. If so, yes I also find it ridiculous


Reply to @alliemadison12: Oh my! That’s…something… 0.0


I checked through some of my gigs and there’s nothing there showing what other gigs buyers have purchase - just links to my other gigs.

From a buyer perspective I can understand how useful this feature might be - as someone stated previously it’s on other sites like Amazon. And it’s nice to see other gigs that might be related.

But as a seller, this is distressing. I don’t really want it to be easier for a potentially buyer to click away from my gig to what one that’s “more appealing”. I hope they reconsider this feature