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Why one month ago bad review is showing first?

One month ago I got a bad review from a buyer. After that, I have completed some orders from my repeat buyers and got around 9-10 Good reviews. But don’t know why One month ago bad review is showing first.
I have completed 459 orders successfully and got 280 good reviews. But it is very bad luck only one bad review is displayed first on my profile.
Currently, My promoted gigs are showing unqualified and all my gigs are disappeared from the search and category listing, it looks like my profile is hanged.

Do you know how to solve this problem? now I am not getting any messages and orders. I have contacted Fiverr support but not getting any solution.
I hope you all are well. Be safe from covid 19.



Often poor reviews where the buyer posted a lengthy explanation of the reason they gave you the review will stay under your reviews’ “most relevant” tab. If you pick “most recent,” the older poor review will not show.

Unfortunately, Fiverr always shows the “most relevant” reviews first.


I was curious enough to check the review you were talking about.

Wow, you must have really screwed up on that job.

It happens.

I have a 2-Star rating I earned a few years ago that was written in much the same frame of mind.

I have since followed it up with a few hundred 5-Star and 4-Star ratings.

After a while, once you get a number of better ratings, that 1-Star will get buried and it won’t matter anymore.



In my view, your reply to the client’s review is unprofessional and is the one thing that will harm you.

The one negative review left by the client would not have had a bad impact on how new clients see you–but your response to his review now shows you in a very bad light, as someone who makes excuses and won’t accept any responsibility or accept any criticisms.

It is really sad you left that response because almost all buyers would have overlooked one bad review (which sounds completely authentic not at all fake). You had a mass of great reviews before that.

In future, if someone leaves a negative review, stay calm and professional. More responses like the one you left for the buyer will seriously deter new potential buyers.



Thank you, Annie. I also thought that I should not have left that comment. That emphasized buyer review. Is there any way I can remove my comment under buyer review? It was a lesson.


If you delete your account, bad review goes away.

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This is completely untrue and misleading!

Reviews stay forever on the seller’s profile, even if gigs are deleted.


You are right. I meant if you delete your account, bad review goes away.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to delete any reviews unless they are slanderous.

Why would he delete his account and lose all of the 5-Star reviews he has?

However, I think your reply @wordpress2017, to the buyer’s review will be deleted if you delete the gig, because the only place the seller’s replies show up is on the gig page.

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Umm…that is something I wouldn’t suggest :roll_eyes: :upside_down_face:


Because some people are perfectionists? I provided a solution, not the only solution. Applies very well to new starters who begun with a very negative review.

I understand what you say. if I ask support to remove the bad review. I will get a warning and account will be suspended.
But here I don’t want to remove buyers review I want to remove my comment under buyer review. Hope this make sense. Any idea about this situation?


No, there isn’t, unless you delete that gig. Although keep in mind that, even so, the buyer’s review will continue to show on your profile.


I answered this question above.

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Listen what you could do. (After a month I’m quite sure it’s not possible.) You contact CS and ask to edit your response to buyer’s response explaining to other people why you received this bad review. It’s very powerful if you know how to use it.

@wordpress2017 is not a “new starter.” He has been on Fiverr since 2016 and he has 280 reviews with a total average rating of 5-Stars.

The gig he would need to delete only has 10 reviews, so he could possibly afford to delete it.


Did you exclude the perfectionist part in my answer intentionally or accidentally?

I would not do that. There have been many sorry sellers who got warnings on their accounts for contacting CS about reviews. I would not risk it. I would delete the gig and go on with life. @wordpress2017 could even make another gig to sell the same service.

Again, untrue and misleading!

Neither reviews nor replies can be changed - not even edited to correct typos!

@wordpress2017, please don’t listen to what this user told you. It can get you in trouble. Your account could get a warning.


Yes, if you are doing it systematically.