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Why only one gig has getting order

i have seven active gigs but i am getting orders on only one gig, anyone can please help me to know the reason


Your “one gig” is performing well , for that you are getting order with that gig.When your gig will perform well that will be shown with good ranking on search result page and you will get much order… Other gigs are not performing well for that you are not getting orders on those…


how the performance of other gigs can improve?do you have any suggestions

You can try to improve your service . And try to use buyer request section. Complete some orders through those gigs then those gigs ranking will be increased… And As I know “In fiverr ,every seller get most of the orders through one gig and that is called best seller gig.” So it is normal …

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There may be several reasons, one of them is that you have duplicated Gigs.
I will write high quality content and blog post for your website, I will write user engaging content for your website marketing (sic) and I will write professional blog post or content sell basically the same thing, blog posts; while I will write or rewrite your SEO website content looks identical to I will be your SEO content writer or rewriter.

If one looks closer can notice some odd things. A few examples:

  • You seem allergic to capitalization and this is unexpected from a content writer.
  • There are ungrammatical sentences in the descriptions like “i will wrire high quality blog of upto”.
  • Most of your tags have no meaning: conten, blo, seo w, article w, webs, high, busi
  • A Gig is listed under technical writing, but you don’t say anything about this in the description

thank you for the suggestions. hopefully these will be helpful

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Gigs perform in the algorithm independently of one another on Fiverr.

People usually discover a seller via their gig, so this particular gig is probably more visible to them. You really need to look at your analytics and research how this works. Go through the process of buying a gig and note all the filters you have to fill out before you get the results.

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If the Gigs remain as they are, no. So far nothing has changed, errors included.