Why Only Top Sellers Gigs Always On First Page


I have discovered that it is only Gigs from top sellers or Gigs with high rating are always on fiverr’s front page.

I think fiverr should consider the new sellers and randomly give them some exposure. Or what do you think?


I disagree I think that new sellers are on too many front pages in catagorys at the moment. Let us have the front page :slight_smile:

you could try some unique gigs too probably would help


Not true!

Many of the gigs on the first page are from new sellers, to gig them some exposure. I recently ordered from a new seller whose gig was on the front page for days. It’s the sellers who are not new and not TRS that don’t get first page exposure.




If you read the forum thoroughly you will find many posts from Level 2 and TRS’s asking why it is always the new Sellers with just a few few gigs and low ratings on the front page!

The front page listings are random at best, and I seriously doubt that anyone truly understands Fiverr’s algorithm or method.

Fiverr seems to place a high value on gigs that are new, unique, provide great value and are set up well. Poorly set up gigs that offer little value don’t fare well on Fiverr. (I’m not saying that’s what yours are, I’m just pointing that out as an example).

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’m on the front page. I’m a level one. Fiverr’s support staff (along with this community) are continuously gracious in this department.

I was told that fiverr chooses themes to push and systematically decides what representatives fit the profile of the gigs they are aiming to highlight based on their own whims. I couldn’t validate that this is , in fact, the "algorithm."

Good to see you guys.