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Why Order Compilation Rate Down?

My Order Compilation Rate Was 100% but had to cancell 2 orders for buyers fault then my rate decrease in 33%.After that i got a order and it went up to 50% but today i noticed my rate decrease again in 33%. why this is happening? and how to improve my rate.even now i am not getting buyers message.

Your overall average is calculated over a 60 day period.

Since you cancelled 2 orders, this affected your completion rate in a very harsh way. It may have gone back up to 50% due to you delivering an order, but it probably went back down because any completed orders fell off the scale - and those two cancellations impacted your overall calculation.

All you can do is get orders and deliver them. Avoid cancellations if possible. If someone does order something that is out of the scope of what you do or what is offered in the Gig, contact Customer Service and tell them the situation and ask if they can cancel it for you so it will not affect your stats. While this is not a foolproof way to do things - sometimes you will get a rep who will tell you too bad, all cancellations will affect you - there are times when it can work out. But, if you take the initiative and cancel, it will harm your stats.



thanks a lot.i hope it will effective

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