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Why Order Completion Rate drops

how are you guys?
I need to know that why my order completion rate is dropping without any apparent reason? I have 3 active orders with delivery date of tomorrow. My completion rate was 60% but I just noticed now its 56%.Before 60% it was 64%.
Anybody can address the matter?


Did you change something in your profile ? or make something in the gig ??


It is due to the fact that Fiverr takes the last 60 days of your performance to average what your stats would be. So, as completed orders from 60 days ago drop off, it can make your stats for completed orders go down.

Complete the 3 orders you say you have now, and it should go up a bit.



Yes I totally agree with @genuineguidance
So for the rest, you could send the initial delivery before the due date
but for Delivery on time, you can make sure that your revision submission is not late

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No I didn’t make any change.

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