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Why order count late, even after seller deliver it before the deadline


I have been working with Fiverr since two year and its truly a great platform to earn some extra money while doing a job OR a freelancer. I have maintained a good customer ratings since I joined the Fiverr. But I wondering why Fiverr count my order late when I have delivered the order on time but the buyer responded very late. I generally have deadline of three days of delivering the order but I generally delivered it within 24-36 hours. But sometimes buyer responded after 2-3 days which make order automatically late. This is not my fault but I believe it affect the performance of receiving the orders.

If the order delivered by the seller on time the countdown clock should stop and start working again when the seller submit the revisions. I believe this should be the right thing to handle the order delivery and deadline.

What’s your thought. please share.



The buyer asked for a reversion, this will not affect you as you had delivered the order earlier. but you need to redeliver.


But incase buyer asked for revision after the deadline, order will be counted as late. I have seen my several order which I delivered on time but when the buyer requested revisions after couple of days it was count as late.


It is counted as late because if the timer was counting it would be late but since you already delivered before the timer went late, it won’t affect your account. It is just there to remind you to redeliver.


Okay thanks for the reply :slight_smile: