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Why Orders are not coming to me?

Hello i’m seller on fiverr its been 2 months almost i received my first order 16 days ago now i’m not getting order can anybuddy please help me is that i’m doing something or what ?
Please check my gig is there any issue on it ?


You are not guaranteed to be getting sale every week! Also you should be happy or grateful that you got your first sale, many sellers out there are struggling to land their first one :slight_smile:! You need to change that profile pic, you are using a fake identity which is against the TOS


Thanks For your reply okey i’ll Change My Profile

No worries, have a good day!

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But you never get order on fiverr ? on this profile

yep, I never said I did!

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just asking buddy good luck

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Thank you, have a good day!

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Thank you tooo , have a good day!

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Hello @itsmuqs :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m checking your profile and GIG. First, congrats for your first order. that is good move. Even better, you got 5 stars.

What do you could change? Well, first change your profile description. There is a lot grammar errors. Try to retype that in proper way.

What I repeat for X times here - take Skill tests. That is one of the best way to proof your potential client that you have knowledge about Skills which you added in description.

Then you made some mistake and limit your potential client… You wrote in GIG title " I will create the best animated explainer video up to 60 seconds"… And in your packages I see that you have videos with 60, 120 and 200 seconds. So, do you make videos with up to 60 seconds or make videos with up to 200 seconds? :slight_smile:

In GIG description you have also some grammar errors.

That could be all for now. Sure, after you rearrange GIG a little, you need to share it and promote it on Social Media. When you have knowledge with Whiteboard video, you could probably make few examples daily and Share with water mark on Social media. Make it viral and clients wil run to you :slight_smile:


thank Q buddy for valueable feedback i’ll apply this

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