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Why passive income websites are fraud

I just needed to discuss this topic because it is so wrong this days. Im a web developer and i know that there is no thing in internet like a passive income. And I’ve fallen for that too. I was trying to make this “passive income websites” but at the end of the day I ended up working on them everyday more than normal job.

Why in my opinion passive income websites don’t exist?

  1. If you don’t update your website frequently your SEO will suffer a lot
  2. If you don’t work on backlinks, new content, building audience your website won’t progress
  3. After some time your website will look outdated and nobody will use it

You can earn money online, but you need to work on your shop, blog or any other type of website everyday or at least few hours a week. And this is okay if you can work on it yourself, without paying someone to do it. But if you don’t know how to manage your website by yourself, you will probably pay other people more than it will earn.