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Why pay when you can pester?

I’ve had problems with this customer in the past. I’m 90% sure he’s shady in the first place - I suspect he’s taking songwriting orders elsewhere and paying people on Fiverr to actually do the work. This would be fine with me if he were up front about it, but since he isn’t, it makes clear communication super difficult. I’m basically going off his interpretation of what they want rather than straight from the horse’s mouth. He does a lot of questionable things, but his new trick is trying to strong-arm me into delivering early.

He will order without messaging me first to negotiate - he will not order early delivery. He doesn’t even mention he’d like to have it early (I’m usually open to doing early delivery free of charge as long as the person lets me know up front so I can plan!) He gives me zero reason to think he will need this delivered early, no reason to arrange my schedule around that.

Yet, without fail, he starts pestering me incessantly to send it early, usually a few days before delivery is due and usually in a passive aggressive tone. I have explained that I have other orders in front of his, that early delivery usually costs extra & is easier to achieve if I have prior notice so I can schedule with early delivery in mind. That gets ignored, I get more pestering instead.

I bend over backwards to get it done early (for free!), pushing all my other orders on the backburner to avoid a bad review. He usually shows zero gratitude, sometimes even implying I should’ve delivered it EVEN earlier at short notice.

This time? I politely message saying I’ll have his song done in a couple hours and to expect it very soon. His response? “Okay, I don’t really need it anymore though.”

Literally what is wrong with these people??? I’ve even VERY politely requested he not order from me, stating “communication issues” etc. But still yet…


Sounds familiar.

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You are dealing with narcism at it’s most malignant. There are lots of excellent youtube videos explaining this growing worldwide phenomenon. Do a search on “narcissist” on youtube. It’s literally “invasion of the body snatchers” right now.

The game is to control your reactions and create negative emotions in you.

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Sounds about right! The worst part is he’s refusing to cancel because he “worries it may affect my account” (based off my previous experiences with him? this is a hilarious response LOL), but I highly suspect that if I deliver, he’ll give me a bad review in return, even though I’ve done nothing but attempt to meet his demands lol.

This is why I desperately wish Fiverr would allow us to block certain buyers. Oh, did I mention this buyer also happens to now have a gig in my category? Hmm…


I’m not at all surprised. :imp:

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Body snatchers would actually be more preferable.

I have the same problem with a buyer at the moment. Just don’t respond to their messages and if they leave a bad review, murder them in your reply. That usually stops them from coming back in future.


I meant literally it is a form of possession.

See how the buyer controls her behavior and emotions and in the end no matter what she does, she gets disrespect to further her negative reactions and emotions?

This is typical, including the passive aggressive tone.

Fiverr needs ASAP a user ban/block system. If I do not want to work with someone, I should not be forced to do it.

If that is true, you are being the target of a criminal behaviour, and I am sure this is against Fiverr TOS. Report him.

Dignity must be over ratings all the time. If a buyer tries to scam/abuse you, cancel the order, even 1 minute before deadline. Then contact CS and report his blackmail/abuse.

Sometimes we are so much into ratings and such we forget we are just doing our work the best we can, we are not slaves of a review system.

Also, I think Gig prices should reflect not only the work you have to do, but also the problems you have to face and the time consumed in administrative tasks. I feel lots of problems comes from selling cheap, below real cost. A reasonable price expel most troublemakers.


I see you are on vacation and your songwriting gig is gone. Maybe your pesterer will go away.

@juanwriter has a good point here. Maybe if you make your songwriting gig too expensive for him to resell, he will go away. :thinking:

Yes! I had a user get a little rude and aggressive with me after he kept asking for samples. Really specific, catering to certain criteria “samples” which were warning signs for me. I showed him old stuff I wrote but nope, he wanted samples about a certain topic. I won’t write for free, I told him this, and he got rude and snappy and then proceeded to order for me after I specifically told him to stop messaging me. I had to go and cancel the order. The whole thing could have been avoided if I was able to just block him.


Ugh how rude! He seems like an unreasonable client. If you can afford not having him as a client any more, I would cut him off and very kindly send him a message stating you can’t work with him any further. Who knows if one day he’ll get mad and post a bad review for no reason at all?


“Don’t really need it anymore though”

Funny how honesty happens sometimes.

Lol yes emotional vampires