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Why Payment Clearance is taking ages..?


Its really strange how the system works for Funds Pending Clearance, and bit shocked also, coz i have used many freelance websites in the last 7yrs+ and the payment part is perfect(it doesn’t take ages to get cleared). And i am not sure on what account fiverr holds the payment so long to transfer the hard earned money. If they can deduct their part in advance(as soon the buyer pay us, i don’t know its ethical to hold the earning like this for 14 days

and there is no place which say how much commission they deduct(but in all the freeance website they are clear about the terms).

The order was made on Jul 06, 17 and the system says clearance on Aug 07, 17 and that to getting only $80 against total project cost of $120.00, i am sure everyone has such issues and used to it so questions are raised.


You seem to have missed things that are written all over the site in the help files, the Academy, the forum, and the terms. They are clearly spelled out and perfectly legal.

7 to 14 day clearance is written in multiple places but here it is from the official Terms of Service:

Revenues are only made available for withdrawal from the Revenue page following a safety clearance period of 14 days after the order is marked as complete. Top Rated Sellers and Pro Sellers are eligible to withdraw revenue following a safety clearance period of 7 days after the order is marked as complete.

You are welcome to make your own freelancing site if you don’t prefer this one.

As for the commission, that’s also stated in multiple places. Here it is from the help page:

When your order is successfully delivered and completed, you will receive 80% of the total order value. For example, if you price your service at $10, you will receive $8 for a completed order. For more information, see our Terms of Service.

Perhaps you should do more reading if you plan to stick around. Places to start:

The Fiverr Academy (Best for brand new or struggling sellers)
The Support Team Knowledge Base (use search for best results)
The Tips for Sellers forum category (A good place to read tips and post tips for others - for a place to ask questions keep reading)
The Fiverr FAQ (Great to read simple Q & A or post a question IF it hasn’t been posted before)
The Conversations forum category (Good for general chit chat or questions that might lead to a full discussion)

It’s also good to become familiar with:
Summary on Fiverr Communications


Payment is cleared from the 15 day of order complete.

they Fiverr takes net 20% omission on sales

on withdrawal 2% or $1 to an extent of max $1

as simple as that.

in other words they pay you fort nightly as soon as you complete the job


I’ve worked on other sites that hold payment for 30 days. I’ve also had to wait and send followup reminders to my own non-Fiverr clients for months after a completed job.

Waiting 14 days after an order competes is not a lot to ask as far as I’m concerned.


Thanks for the reply. I am not sure which site holds payment for 30 days(have you worked with Freelancer and Upwork). I am not against rules, each site has their own rule, i was asking why it needs 14days, any specific reason.


Hello Moderator, i appreciate your reply. But this line was arrogant
"You are welcome to make your own freelancing site if you don’t prefer this one."

Yes i had one before and willing to make FiverPro :slight_smile:


No, I’ve not worked with those sites. If you’ve not worked on any voiceover sites, then no, you wouldn’t know which ones hold payment for 30 days.


I understand what you’re saying. I don’t get it too. I’ve worked across multiple freelancing platform and it’s one of the reasons Fiverr isn’t my preferred place. I’ve never had to wait more that 5 days (Upwork) for payments to be cleared. (I believe your assessment of MODs comment is right too). “You’re welcome to make your own freelancing site…” That was over the top and not necessary in the answer.