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Why payoneer team not response my request?

hello everyone,
i requested for remove my payoneer account but payoneer team not reply my reauest.i submitted my request in 2 days ago.still i haven’t got the response for my request.why??


Everyone here is either a seller or a buyer. We cannot answer this question for you.


Well, this is fiverr forum, not payoneer. I believe people here doesn’t know the answer

you should ask this at payoneer forum


Once again, I hear an echo, echo, echo. of someone after me, posting the same information I did. It is a puzzle to me why people do that. :thinking:

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@xuntes @vickiespencer i have a problem about order my fiverr revenue card.when i was filled the order page information about fiverr revenue card,i made the mistake my email here some spelling mistake of that and i can’t confirm my order because i submitted email addres was not created before.So thats why i’m waiting for their response.i think it could be happen anyone.thanks!

then this is not a payoneer team problem. this is a fiverr support problem.

keep in mind it may take days depending on the situation