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Why pen testers are not allowed?


With the passage of time, cyber security branch is getting stronger and stronger day by day. The world of internet is being exposed to more and more threats. But fiverr denying to allow ethical hacking services is beyond my understanding.

I know it can cause some problems but proper implementation for pen testers with rules & regulations will cause no harm to Fiverr rather it will bring lots of revenue. I ask Fiverr to add a category for cyber security professionals as well as other new categories are also being added.

Because it’s Fiverr. Just because a seller is reputable with loads of credentials, won’t necessarily stop unscrupulous buyers from taking advantage of the services, and not in a good way. To top it off, it’s an international company and lots of countries have strict rules in regards to these types of services; regardless if they’re mentioned to the public or not.


Penetration testing is usually performed internally following strict procedures.
Find me an IT manager that would hire an anonymous pen tester on a platform like this.
It would be fired on the spot.


:slightly_smiling_face: That sounds like it would be an interesting line of work. “What do you do for a living?” “I’m an internal penetration tester.”

Our political parties might use your services.

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It will cause harm. You would have no idea if a person hiring you was the owner of a site or not. Should you end up working for a client who had you attack the site of a competitor, Fiverr would experience a PR and possibly legal firestorm.

It would also be highly unlikely that a reputable business would feel comfortable hiring an anonymous third-party from Fiverr to hack their site. From a cyber-security perspective, that would make a website owner clinically insane.


Ok guys. I got the point. Thanks all :slight_smile:

How come Fiverr has found this legit and not against their ToS suddenly? :stuck_out_tongue: P.s CyberSecurity category has been added on fiverr