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Why people afraid of saying NO?

Hey Everyone, So I met this guy last week. Asking me for a project I said yes ok let’s do that send me the details. He through a bunch of questions regarding the project and I think everything went well we discussed, we finalized the deal, the amount, and he said he is going to get the documents by tomorrow morning and he will going to send me those and place the order.

But he is not back yet :rofl: :rofl:

So my question is why people waste our time. if you find that we are asking for too much let us know. If you can’t afford, let us know straight away. Why do people ask us to wait and then create a dead end?


You better get used to it. It happens very often. When a buyer tells you that they will be back, you should just expect them to not do so. I have noticed that they rarely do when they say that.

Letting you wait may not be the most polite thing to do, but your buyer does not owe you any explanation for why they did not choose to order from you. Maybe the buyer found someone else, maybe the document got delayed, or maybe they simply changed their mind.


I know they don’t owe me anything but I have learned this from the people around on Fiverr that it’s good to be straight forward. That makes a good relationship between the client and the seller.


To be honest, I have a one follow up rule (in case buyers have forgotten/missed out on my message if they’re busy, etc because it is human to err). If a potential buyer has not contacted me in 3-5 days, I send a quick, polite message checking in (and ask if he/she requires any additional details). If they don’t respond to the same, I take that as my answer and keep moving on. If they revert and place an order later, all well and good.

At the end of the day, it is the buyer’s choice as to whether they want to work on this project with you or not. If they really want to collaborate with you, they’ll make it happen. Some have the courtesy to inform you if they change their mind, and some don’t. And that’s fine. Either which way, you will find buyers who meet you halfway, so hold out for those ones.


Haha, I had someone tell me they would place the order over the weekend, and last night I checked their profile and they had blocked me :joy:

I don’t think about it too much, and whilst I agree that it can be frustrating, no one has an obligation to order from you and they could’ve easily found someone better, cheaper or both. It is what it is.