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Why people ask for Gig exchange?

Hi everybody! I have a doubt. Why people ask for gig exchange and fav? What do they obtain with that? Thank you


Nothing but a suspension or a ban.

People like to think shortcuts get them ahead. They don’t.


Some sellers believe all of the false advice a YouTube Guru tells them to do. :roll_eyes:


The one time I got a “warning” was early on when I reached out to buyers who may need my service. I got this advice from someone on YouTube. I even got false info from the blog. Read the terms and conditions from beginning to end. It’s the textbook for Fiverr.

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Right. All you have to do is x y z and BAM: riches.

Few You-tuber make a video to gig exchange to give more sell but that is not allowed fiverr.
Not try it .Try to share your gig on social media and post in fiverr forum that is help to your fiverr career.

Spamming your links on social media will not help you get orders. Most people are only connected to their friends on social media. Friends are not your target market. You need to connect to your target customers, and, unless you have an existing fan base, you aren’t connected to the people on social media who will purchase from you.

The only way social media works for a Fiverr seller, is if that seller is connected to their target customers on social media. If you want to do social media… please do it right.

As for your claim to “post in fiverr forum”, the only place you can share your links and promote your gigs are in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category, and your customers aren’t located there either.


Yeah , that is true :laughing:

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