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Why people go in to my faiverr page but not make an order?


Hello everyone, I start anew cool project which i make Animated profile picture. http://■■■■■■/AnimatedProfilePicture - Gig link.
I start an advertising campaign to my fiverr page on facebook. people visit my page but not make an order.
what i do wrong?


The product looks great and I see you have a few orders in your pipeline.

I would suggest a couple of alterations. Firstly the title-
“I will animate facebook profile picture of you” sounds a bit clunky. I would say something more along the lines of “I will animate your Facebook profile picture” - also note the capitalization of Facebook.

Secondly your video uses the phrase “living it up a little” which isn’t great English.

There is a lot of potential in what you do and you are clearly very talented. Some small changes and a lot of marketing effort will really take you a long way.


Thanks for your comment. I will consider your tips.
What do you think about the fiverr text?


I think it looks pretty good. You have a really good product and it will sell when people find it.


@mikimation it’s really rare finding an original animator here on Fiverr, so if this is legit, then welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

If I were you I would remove that URL at the end of your video, since Fiverr does not like that.

It’s like you are sending people to purchase straight from your website.