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Why People Post Offers in "Buyer Requests" section?


This is very confusing, when Im on searching for work to do for people, I get lot of irelevent posts in “Recent Buyer requests” section. Some thing like that:

“I can trace your vector” by jksfeiohgio

“Get your photo edited in 1 hour” by hksdfioudghh


Why this happens? or how to get rid of such irrelevant records?

You can’t get rid of them, only Fiverr has the ability to do that. I think the reason certain sellers post there comes down to either, a complete lack of understanding for how buyer requests work, or, utter desperation for sales. As it turns out, though, spamming an offer to sell something in the buyer requests section only makes those particular sellers look bad.

The best you can do is ignor those spammers. They’ll realize soon enough that posting a sell add in a buyer’s section hurts them more than it helps.

Agree with @jonbaas here. Ignore them ignorant sellers and they will soon enough realize that breaking the rules does not do anyone no good.

as the name suggest “buyer requests” it may be for buyers only, if its like that then why fiverr is not doing anything to clean it up. As these days 75% of it is filled by seller requests and rest 25% are buyers request totally mess. There is admin in forum to mark spam. But at that place nobody is watching. Its Great feature not taken care of . Please fiverr clean it up

Fiverr has their reasons. Perhaps they are already working on a solution that you are not aware of. Just ignor the sellers posting “buy my gig” ads, and focus on matching your services to the buyers that post requests there.