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Why people sell so cheap?


Levels and reviews are useful as one part of your assessment as a buyer.

I always recommend that buyers start out with a low cost gig from any seller they haven’t dealt with or weren’t referred to. It’s rare to see a TRS scamming, but not impossible. You can always report them to Customer Support.

One of the things that makes $5-10 gigs so important is that buyers have a chance to try something cheap before committing to more money. When you order a $5 gig and you don’t like the results, you can either ask the seller for a refund, ask Customer Support to mediate (if the seller says no) or you can lose the $5 and gain the right to leave an honest review for the seller. At least it’s a small price to pay for both a test and a way to warn others.


They key here is to tell the person what you will do for a small price and let them build trust. If they want you to make calls but you are a level 0 or 1, you may have to offer them a bit of a good deal, but not an insane deal.

Offer to do X number of calls for $5 to show the buyer you can do the task well. If they like it, they can buy more. It’s safer for you, safer for the buyer, and still allows you to make much more money since the buyer will return if you get the wanting to come back.

Also, to minimize fees, wait until you have at least $50 in your Fiverr account before withdrawing it. At least with PayPal, the fee is capped at $1 after that. You’ll still make $49 which is not a bad fee. It only costs more when you withdraw small amounts. If you withdraw $4 at a time, you end up only getting $3.92 each time. You have to find ways to get the most money in creative ways.


Lol thats why i bought two gigs it was just to test a top rated seller who looked promising so i thought i should give test ride and if everything went fine then I will be working closely with him. But to surprise me they didn’t delivered anything and being a developer without doing much work i created nearly 10 good and proper back link in an hour while playing games. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now i am thinking whether to leave a bad review or wait for few more days bygiving one more chance to seller


You have some wise ideas. if you keep this in mind, are careful about your withdrawals, and encourage buyers to buy small orders for a while you will be right on track. You will keep your orders low risk. A $100 order that is cancelled costs you too much time and you lose the money. if the buyer really isn’t happy and you keep the money, they lose $100 which will make them want to leave you a terrible review.

Start small, build your portfolio and later you can charge as much as you want (according to your skills) and you’ll get the buyers. The people who quit early will be gone and you benefit. Once you have a good number of reviews, too, if someone does spend more and leaves you one bad review, it won’t hurt you much because all your good reviews will show people that most of your customers are thrilled.


Hi fonthaunt, I really apreciated your comment/feedback. I think fiverr is a great marketplace, in a consistent change and selfimproving.
Is not always about supply and demand, it’s about credibility, customer care and general experience.
As you said, for each sellers that leaves sooner, gives me some advantages.
If you are consistent with your work, I’m sure that people will come to you, because top rated sellers and level 2 sellers dont have phisical time to take care of each order that is placed on fiverr, so here is our shot.
Good luck to all


there’s couple reason I know:

  1. some seller from other countries, $5 worth 1 ~3 hr to them.

2.there’s some scammer use tool to finish the works.such as:

article: after copy and paste, use some to tool work on it, the article will be 100% naturely.

Links: There’s a lot of tool can post links automatically.

about others, I don’t purchase a lot, so I’m not sure about it.

The point is we never know seller use tool to do it or manually to do it.
if manually to do it, of course should higher than $5, but if use tool to do it, it worth nothing.


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