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Why people selling fake views in the name of organic promotions

Why people selling fake views in the name of organic promotions?, I see so many sellers doing it. It’s so bad for the reputation of Fiverr I will never recommend anyone to do their promotions from this site.

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Yes, I also agree with you, but Fiverr cut off both seller and buyer, So They do not have any headache on it. It’s just my personal opinion.

There are tons of sellers here, no one is saying anything. They all are fake, I really wanted a genuine promotion instead people start selling fake a$$ views and likes. Is Fiverr blind or what, money comes with handwork and I don’t wish to pay these fraud sellers.

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It’s not about cutting off buyers, if it says the promotion is organic and you need help with marketing you’ll definitely do it. But these fake a$$. b!tches here are playing with peoples emotions and money.

True :cry:, I do not have idea to legal sction

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I created my song with passion and love. I worked so hard to earn that money, I washed cars, mopped floors so I can have money to promote my song. But fake sellers took my money, instead gave me fake views. Thanks to Fiverr team I got the refund but my only concern is that nobody is reporting them, prevent them to destroy someone’s dreams. Fiverr should do something