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Why people using fhg

why using FHG for posting a request

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if i may ask…What is FHG?

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This was discussed on the Fiverr Forum before, but I am not sure we ever figured out what FHG means.

Search it at your preferred web browser.

I did.

Can’t post about it here.

Ohhhhh, :dizzy_face: that is why one of the threads I found it on here was taken down!

Still could not manage to have a clue of what that stands for …

I’m thinking it is short for one of these fine fellas

but Mr Ink seems to suggest something less charming so maybe this is not a valid conversation at all.

I must say I get real tired of people who start conversations either with a misleadingly vague subject or who assume that everyone knows exactly what color and number between 1 and 10 trillion they are thinking and launch into only part of the story based on that assumed knowledge. They must be very hard to work with.


Yes, what is it first time i am hearing this word

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