Why Preferred Buyer Status isn't good for me


In my opinion, unscientific and biased as it is, telling everyone I’m wealthy prevents the Seller from wanting to sell to me the basic $5 gig he/she advertises. Sometimes it assists when I show a screen copy of my transactions, to inform a Seller that I know what to expect.

Am strongly considering transferring my balance into a new account, to make it easier to negotiate on costs and expected services. Wanting to know from you any and all comments.

  1. You’re only allowed 1 Fiverr account (1 per person - or at least 1 active account). Creating another will likely get your account(s) in trouble. It will probably be against the terms of service. You could get your account(s) banned creating multiple accounts.

  2. I don’t see why you’d need/want to show people your transactions or tell everyone you’re wealthy. If you want a particular gig just ask the seller or, if it doesn’t say to contact first, you could order it.


Lots of us sellers don’t pay any attention at all at VIP buyer insignia.

For one, from personal experience, many of us know that it doesn’t take much to get that crown and that it doesn’t mean at all that someone is a nice person and pleasant to work with. Some of us have encountered people with a buyer crown who should come with a warning sign instead.
Then, most of us don’t change our prices depending on who orders but how much work/time the job requires.

Find yourself some reliable sellers of the kind who don’t care about ‘preferred buyer status’ and deliver quality work no matter if for their cheapest or most expensive gig tier. There are many serious sellers here who take pride in their work and give a $10 order just as much relative attention and time as a $100 or $1000 order.

But make sure to not confuse a higher price because your job requires more work than the gig sells with perceived up-selling because of your buyer status (some examples: when my gig says it’s for Word files and to please contact me for other file formats, it sometimes will stay at the same price, but other times, if it’s some file format that’s more time-intensive to work with, my quote might be higher;
if one buyer has a children’s book to translate and the next one a text about nuclear power plants, one of the texts does not necessarily have to be but might be more expensive (the children’s book, because there are rhymes :wink: ) because it will take me more time than “standard texts” which the gig price is calculated for).

In fact, if anything, a buyer telling me they are wealthy or showing me copies of transactions might make me tell them I’m sorry but I can’t help them as I’m booked out currently.
As if that would change the way I treat them or anything. You tell me what you need, I tell you if I can do it, what it will cost and how long it will take, and you can take it or leave it. That’s it.

‘Buyer status’ is totally irrelevant for me and I’m pretty sure to many sellers I got to know a bit here, too.
Maybe it gets you VIP treatment with Fiverr itself, faster customer support or something, I don’t know, and perhaps ‘special treatment’ from some kinds of sellers, but I think you can be rather certain that the majority of OK sellers just doesn’t care.

However, if you’d like to try with a new account, that’s no problem, you just need to make sure that you first close the current account before you open a new one, as multiple accounts at the same time is against the terms and can and often does get people banned.

And you can’t use the same email as far as the site info says (though it might be possible if you contact support beforehand to assist with that).


Sorry about my poor English, I was trying to convey that FIVERR telling everyone I’m a Preferred Buyer affects how Sellers interact with me. You begin to recognize trends after your 1st 50+ purchases. By the time you’ve made several hundred purchases you have a good idea of what you’re doing. When I post a buyers request, I often entertain myself by placing orders when low bidders don’t specify “let’s talk first”. Anyway thanks for your advice.


Absolutely. Don’t make multiple accounts, then they can’t detect any.


I’m pretty sure that the Top Buyer crown happens around the time someone spends $100 total.
I don’t think that would indicate that you are wealthy. As has been suggested above, there might be some other reason people don’t give you the most basic price, such as your requirements.

Certainly it’s not something I have ever had an issue with.

PS. Don’t ask people how to cheat fiverr’s system. It tends to attract the attention you are trying to avoid.