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Why Press release are necessary?

Free pressrelease submission sites enable their media articles to be properly distributed by many business owners. Don’t waste your own time in attempting to send your release to most of the free sites available. Choose around three to five PR release submission sites that offer a fantastic support for promoting your business.There to satisfy certain requirements are several free submission websites to select from. Even though you can send the launch free of charge, you are however requested to join up for a merchant account. This can be a process that is easy and quick, and any individual details supplied, will soon be safe and sound.

I don’t understand this post, but what the heck, I’ll throw in my 2 cents.

In my opinion, there were only two release services that I’d ever consider using. One was PR Newswire, and the other Businesswire. Now, that was a half dozen years ago, so perhaps there are new players around. And in my opinion, for most small businesses, I don’t find paying the premium to push to the wires is very effective.

Note: There is an actual “feed” that newsrooms receive which is different than publishing releases via the internet.

For most people, publishing their releases via the web is the way to go. Basically, do you want websites to pick up your release, or newsrooms? The latter is pretty tough to do and not generally worth the premium, unless of course, it’s local regional news. Again, this is my opinion, but you can prove me wrong.

Aside from that, the idea that one needs to signup for a merchant account to get a free submission spooks me. What it tells me is that somebody is harvesting leads for Merchant Accounts (which can be worth $10 to $30) each, AND that they are doing this via a tease for a free release submission. The idea being that only those publishing releases are companies, therefore, it’s “somewhat” of a qualified lead.

For reference, the last I checked, the Adwords keyword for Merchant Account is about $40 per click! So by using such a service, I’d feel like a pawn. I most likely won’t get the coverage, but I can expect to be contacted for a Merchant Account that I don’t need. And these leads are often sold to many providers, so I can probably expect many phone calls and emails.

But alas, your original question “Why Press release are necessary” was never answered :slight_smile: If anyone cares, I’m happy to contribute.

Sheriff’s note: using forum to promote your company is not allowed!

thank you :slight_smile:

Is it really necessary???

Well, I am an SEO consultant and practicing since 2009… I think it’s really important for SEO or whatever you are intend to promote. Though it’s important but in my case I really don’t care about this stuff, cause this is 2015 and SMM have already become the main concern and most important for any type of business…

Press releases are a good way to publicize your events and get media coverage. Check out my gigs.

At the point when a marketer sets out to make an advertising strategy, the first move is frequently to begin distributed press releases.

Numerous organizations see accomplishment by presenting a press releases on the wire, where it will be conveyed to a huge number of productions and at last reposted different spots on the web.

One of the best advantages to incorporating PR in your advertising methodology is third party referencing.

When you make a press releases, the greater part of the data you need journalists to think about your organization is in one spot.

When you’ve refined the informing of your press release, you’re giving the right informing to all other substance makers to draw upon. The content you ought to incorporate into press releases is really standard from releases to releases.
Tips for pr marketing strategy:

Why wold you send a press release through an agency that makes you sign up for a merchant account? That sounds like spam to me.

There are many free places to post a press release that are completely free, however they are not always so good. Real journalists aren’t reading those sites. That is why paying to distribute a press release to one of the major presses release services is better.

BUt I agree with @silberma1976 above, that you have to have a press release that is truly newsworthy to begin with. Just announcing that you have a new productt or business is not enough.