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Why Product Review is important?


Thinking from front end (costumer) perspective is one of the most important skill of any business. How knows batter about the important of a review then a Freelancer like us :slight_smile: slight_smile: . However, a new product must be always under review of customer. Every customer must want to know about the quality of the product. Is he is buying the right product by his money.

But as a business / product owner, you should describe or advertisement. But by how? Writing review or buy a positive review is one of the best option for you. a $5 review can give you $50 even $500 benefits. because people like review, live positive feedback. buy my gigs I Will Write Positive Review Of Your Product Or Page Or Aps and for the first 5 gigs buy i will give 5 extra gigs. it mean buy 1 get 1 free.



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As far as I know, paid product reviews may not be sold on Fiverr.