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Why " PROMOTED GIG" feature not in my list..?


fiverr launched its new feature promoted gigs right.??
its helps you to promote your gigs. but this “PROMOTED GIG” feature is not in my list.
why this happend to me any idea.??

thank you.



Please read the entire thread.


thank you for the response but this article is not help full.
this all think i know about promoted gig.


The Promoted Gigs feature has only been rolled out to specific people. As far as I know, it is still in beta – meaning, it is still being tested. The people that have access to activate Promoted Gigs are part of this testing period.

If you are not part of this testing period, then you will have to focus your attention on other promotional methods. You do not need Promoted Gigs to be successful here on Fiverr. If and when you have the opportunity to use this feature, consider is a bonus. There are other ways that you can promote your gig on your own.