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Why Ranking Drops

Hi, my gig:
was on first page 2nd lines of 1st page, but from last week it’s on last page of the searches. Anybody who can help ? Also please check my gig and check if there are any problems.


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There are many reasons why your ranking changes, many of which have nothing to do with your performance.

Please research the forum as this question has been asked many times.


I have checked all the answer but didn’t find any satisfying.

@humanissocial good suggestion, but I think Fiverr always change the algorithm,

I’m not saying they don’t. I’m saying your change of rank doesn’t prove that it happened because of an algorithm change. The algorithm could have been set all along to do that. We don’t know. Algorithms are, by nature, dynamic. They are set to make changes.

keep in mind that fiverr rotate ranking, mixing new/shy gigs with best sellers and popular gigs. To give a chance to everyone (beside other points).

I see you have only 33 rating, while some competitors have more than 50 and 100 times you have.

I don’t want to offend, but your gig don’t fit with top of best sellers or even popular. So we can conclude it was on top of first page because it was a new gig. So if you got to the top in the place of other gig, now other gigs may get on top in the place of your gig.

I saw many changes on the algorithm and now it seems basically mixing the real best sellers/popular with new sellers. So if you want to be “fixed” on the top, you have a long journey ahead to overtake those sellers who got on the top because their hard work over the years at fiverr.

OR wait to your gig be drafted again to the top.


Yes, I agree with you but new sellers with 0 reviews are on 2nd and 3rd page as there is not much competition in my niche, but my gig was sent to last page without any reason. As per you if i don’t fit with top sellers on first page then I would be shifted to 2nd or 3rd or even 4th page. But they sent me to last page, this is the reason.

The reason is that there is a rotation.

0 reviews sellers go to top, then get some orders/reviews, then are passed to last pages to give a change to other sellers with 0 reviews.

The new sellers always complained they wanted a chance. Then fiverr created an algorithm to do this. But they seems to not realize that it’s temporary.

In the past, sellers on top of first pages were the real best sellers (no chance was given). The more you work (with positive reviews), more you grow on ranking placements.

A new sellers with just a few reviews wont stay permanently on top, they will rotate, because they firstly get there by getting a chance, not because they worked hard like the veteran sellers.

In resume, the complain will never stop:

  1. in the past, when the best sellers were only those who worked a lot and proved they were the best, the new sellers complained they deserved a chance to be on top too.
  2. now, when these new sellers have a chance, they complain they have to give their places to other new sellers.

PS: My gig is the number 1 best selling in a category, and a few weeks ago it was also the last gig on the last page, today it’s one the first on the first pages again.

Don’t think you will get the top of the first page and stay there forever. Thanks to the complain of new sellers, now, even those who complain in the past, are susceptible to go to the last page too.


Thanks a lot man for a clear explanation!

Thanks for explaining.

Really helpful. Thanks a lot!

I created an account just to thank you for giving a clear explanation. Another question, I just encountered what you explained and I will get to level 2 this coming evaluation. Would that help me get back to the top pages?

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good advice, that is the most important thing to always work every day to improve and give the best version of ourselves. the easy things do not bear fruit

as far as I know, your level has nothing to do with your placement, because you can see a lot of “no levels” on top of first pages, and a lot of level 2 in the last pages.

what will rank you is your performance. better you do in your gig, better will be your ranking.

People must forget that they can manipulate rankings. The only way doing this is having a better performance than your competition.

It may, but probably not. There are hundreds of Level 2 sellers and they can’t all rank high. I’m sure it does help your ranking, bit there are many factors in the algorithm and I wouldn’t bet on your Level putting you on the first page.

I would say that the greatest value would be that a lot of buyers may select “Level 2” in the search filter to narrow results to just Level 2 Sellers. A lot of buyers like the credibility they see with Level 2.