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Why rate the buyer? Can we see all the ratings a buyer has?

Hi there!

Sooo… buyers get to rate sellers. And we can see all the ratings a seller has instantly. But why not have this the same way for buyers?! So then buyers must behave adequete aswell. And if they have a bad rating, it will be a warning for other sellers.

I can’t be the only one that is thinking this?



How do you stop buyer from cancelling his account and creating a new One?

PS: There are many threads under Conversation and Site Suggestions in regards to this.


Yes that was what I thought aswell. But then again… if a buyer is very new to fiverr or has no ratings, I would be extra cautious. If a buyer would have a lot of possitive ratings; it won’t delete his account because he has build some merit.

thanks for letting me know this is already a topic!

Well, I had about 70ish reviews as a buyer when I had to cancel it and create this one. My email got compromised so it was a headache. I’ve nothing to hide, you can Google my old account: fiverr ga_riley2

If you only work with buyers with reviews, you’re giving up opportunities to snag up some really great newbies.

Most experienced buyers have a list of :sparkling_heart: and go to them over and over. I still, occasionally and cautiously, search for other sellers but, thats rare or typically in something I haven’t bought before

Overall, I’m very loyal to my regular sellers. They know what i want and the process is smooth. I prefer not to deal with a seller, regardless of level, that I know nothing about.

My regulars know what I want and the process is stress free.


Thanks for your honest answer!
I also believe that 95% of buyers are genuine! But still, I was wondering if there was any “protection” for the seller before working with a buyer… since most of us do this to earn real money, so it hurts when some buyers just keep pushing the limits just because they know the seller needs a good review…


It’s not about whether they are new or old in Fiverr.
It’s about making them also aware about bad reviews they might get if not doing a good job in working with a seller.


Same way you stop a seller from doing the same?

Sellers can create new accounts as well, but you see their reviews anyway.

I think it’s only fair that a seller should also be able to see how a buyer’s been rated.

Of course on Fiverr a seller’s approval is not deemed important enough to start an order anyway, a buyer can just order, but it would be helpful for the buyer to know who he/she is dealing with.

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How so?

I am on another marketplace where each user’s both ratings and reviews are similarly visible. I prefer it that way but Fiverr is much smarter and more technologically advanced and hence it is not possible that Fiverr hasn’t considered it yet or are not eligible to do the same. They must have their own reasons for not doing the same.

If you are extremely skeptical about a buyer then google the Fiverr username of the buyer and type It sometimes cost you 15-20 minutes or more and then you find out he has never bought anything before ever on Fiverr.

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This is a good tip!

But still, if the ratings/history of a buyer is visible when you google it… why not make it visible on the profile of the buyer itself?!:hugs:

Signing up with a new email?

Sure, but how would you see the reviews a seller had on their old and closed account?

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Sorry, I wasn’t talking about old accounts.

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Oh okay, sorry, misunderstood that, and in case that was possible I’d have loved to know the secret to do that.

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