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Why Rating is Worth for Seller than Money

I’ll start from one of my experiences. I had a buyer who asked me to send him cheap quote for my designing work because he has some ongoing work. So I gave him really cheap quote for my banner designing gig. He sent me work load for one gig it is nearly four times larger than the quantity I promised. I did that without complaining because these days I have extra free time and I usually don’t want to argue with buyers when they place an order because they trust my service. Then I’ve completed my work and he/she never placed any orders after that though he/she told that it is ongoing. I usually do unlimited free revision till all my buyers get 100% satisfied. He requested several modifications actually I had to redesign some banners due to incomplete instructions given. While I am doing modifications he/she told your next order is ready but that order never reached to me :-D. After all he/she placed an excellent feedback with 5 stars. I am really happy about that. I did nearly 25$ task just for 5$ but I am really happy about that order after buyer gave me an excellent feedback.

First thing is please don’t ask sellers more work than they promised. It is not a big issue for me because fiverr is my part time job but there are several sellers who are earning there income only from fiverr. Fiverr income and time they spend here is really important for them. That may disappoint the seller and you may get poor quality work. I am not doing that anyway because I am still level 1 and seeking for orders.

Second thing is please take small time to rate your sellers service. Seller will become happy with that rating and next time he/she may really try to put the best effort on your order and she/he may offer after sale services happily

Thank You for taking time to read this

You don’t have to kill yourself to get good reviews, and I don’t recommend unlimited revisions because some buyers don’t know what they want and never will.

Some sellers nickle and dime you to death, they might charge $5 for the design in black and white, $5 for color, $5 for a vector file, etc. Others do a lot more for $5. So it’s up to the buyer to decide what has value, saving money or hiring a really talented artists that can make you spend $45. Personally, I’ve had good and bad experiences with both.

@fastcopywriter Thank you for your advice. I’ve joined 7 months ago but became active on site few days ago. Yes you are correct some buyers don’t know what they need but I don’t like to charge for what they really don’t need so I provide revision usually it take only 2-3 rounds of revision. Some buyers pay me extra gigs and some buyers continuously buy my other gigs as well. It also depend on the buyer some asked to cancel the order after few rounds of revision. So it depend on the buyer some are honest and good but some are cheating.

Reply to @zimron89: You’re going to find what works best for you on Fiverr. When I started I used to charge $5 for 10 headlines, now I charge $5 for 5. I do my best to avoid negative reviews, but some buyers won’t even demand a revision or a cancellation and write something nasty.

@fastcopywriter there are good people and bad people everywhere and some are just enjoying by giving bad reviews and then we try to refund them. These days I am out of orders so try hard to make some satisfied buyers :slight_smile: Thank You again for replying mt thread


Buyers giving 5 stars is like the definition of happiness when my work on Fiverr is concerned. When I do a good job and we have great rapport but they don’t leave any feedback I am thrown into the depths of despair.


Yes most of buyers ask for discounts telling that they are going to order again and again but never returns. Some buyers never ask for discounts but regularly purchase


When I first started, I was more lenient about the work I agreed to and offered twice as much per gig as I do now. However my clients didn’t demand more from me in the beginning either, I was lucky to have good clients when I started. It depends on what you, as the seller, value more. Would you rather have tons of low priced orders from low quality buyers or would you rather have less orders that pay more from good buyers. I personally prefer quality buyers and frequently pass on buyers that say things like “I need this, this and this and I will pay you one gig. If you do more I will even give you five stars.” On Fiverr, the customer isn’t always right (my opinion). If you sell yourself short now, it will be hard to break the cycle ever. Believe it or not, if you have a good product and you create boundaries of how far you’re willing to go to please your clients (such as offering one free revision) and sticking to it, you will only lose bad clients and will likely gain more valuable ones in their place. This is because good buyers will respect a seller and his work if that seller clearly respects himself. You show that you respect yourself by setting clear value on your work and not wavering from it. I know this works because I do it and I have 100% ratings and several repeat customers. My price is higher than many other virtual assistants but I still get more orders than people who offer three times more and have started on Fiverr around the same time as I did. I can do that because what I offer is better and I’m honest with them. People in general want quality and they will pay more for it. Don’t let people manipulate you for ratings.