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Why remove "add to cart" function?

Now, I can’t buy some different gigs one time. I had to buy one each time. Why remove “add to cart” function?Just want to charge extra fee? It’s very stupid decision.


Simply click the green button, once on the order page you will be able to add the service to your cart.

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Not there any more!

Many Buyers are not happy with Fiverr’s decision. Hopefully, more Buyers will speak up about it, maybe they’ll have a change of heart. Ya never know!

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I still have this feature though.


Still have the add to cart feature?

I’m guessing (since there is no information Fiverr is giving us) the feature disappears if you clear cookies/relogin? Have you tried with another browser?

I like to clear my cookies…

As a seller, I just learned about the missing shopping cart today. I don’t like any changes that make things harder for buyers. I imagine Fiverr won’t bring it back unless the amount it loses from buyer defections outstrips the amount it makes from increased transaction fees.


I still have it.

I just updated my account - it’s now gone.

It comes and goes for me!

If that’s the way they operate, and probably it is, we won’t get the cart back before a proper Fiverr competitor comes along.

What pisses me off, is how Fiverr handled this. No notice. No explanation.

Simply disrespectful to users and unprofessional.

But after I nagged them about having a support article on using the shopping cart. They removed it! So someone is listening at least…



Thanks. That’s weird. Well, enjoy it while you can!

This is what I’m seeing. No cart obviously;

The motto of Buy. Click. Done probably worked out for them better. (Apposed to having a shopping cart that delays sales)

By the way, when I had the cart option, I couldn’t add a gig to cart at all.

Previously they used to charge $1 on the whole cart value. Now they are charging $2 per gig! No option to add funds at once too. Whoa this is a new level of greediness. Leaving fiverr for good.

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good suggestion,appreciated

Previously if you added everything to your cart and checked out at the same time you only had to pay a $2 service fee. Now that you have to check out each time you have to pay that $2 service fee each time. It is a way for Fiverr to make more money without people realizing is. A bit of a shady way to raise costs while hiding it from customers. Why not just tell customers we are raising prices to $7 per gig? Because then you couldn’t call it Fiverr?