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Why Response rate is 0?

I am online more than 15 hours of a day. But my response rate is set to 0 by thy fiverr a few days before. Please guide me, why fiverr do this & how can i resolve this.


Have you responded to a Fiverr message within the last 60 days?


No i didn’t respond any message. But i have no message in my inbox and no order so there is nothing to respond.

Usually if anyone gives you a message and you don’t reply within 24 hours then the response rate decreases. You check your email. Maybe someone gave you a message but it was forgotten and deleted. Even if it is deleted, it will remain in the email. And if you don’t get it by email, you can contact the Fiverr Support Center.They will give you a solution.

Did you check your spam folder? If you only received one message in 60 days and you didn’t respond to that one message, your response rate would go down to 0%

If you had nothing to respond to, how could you have a response rate? Zero responses because you had zero messages.

I thought it said “response rate: N/A” instead of “response rate: 0” when there were no messages in the last 60 days.