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Why RESTRICT my account?

Hi, I have been told to verify my account through photographs of my ID, passport, or driving license and my selfie. I did the previous two attempts with ID and one attempt with my driving license, all didn’t pass because I was told “No good lightning” and then my account got restricted.
What the heck Fiverr??? I sent the email questioning you guys. You guys didn’t even bother to tell me how long this restriction period is going to take. Working on Fiverr really did take a toll on me because of how bad your customer service is. :face_vomiting:



I have the same situation! Did you solve your issue? If yes, could you please let me know how did you success with it?

If I fail on the fourth chance, will CS allow me to try again and again?

Do you also know if the active order can be completed and get the pay even the account being restricted?

Appreciate your help!
Thank you!