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Why Sales Are Suddenly Dried? No Order For 21 Days. Is It Due To USA Protests?

Hi, are you face no sales also? Or its just me?
I got no order in last 21 days. Why sales are down? Is it due to Covid-19? Or due to protests in USA? Or due to both? Are you getting orders?

Not really. Fiverr is worldwide, even though most of the orders come from USA, It’s not the reason of it.

Have you had a conversation previously that your average response time got affected? It shows a slower response rate than others. How are your stats, did you deliver the order late or got cancellations?


Check this out: No sales at all, Maybe (COVID-19) is the reason? :(

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Yes I know, Fiverr is worldwide. But I heard the news that protests are started in England and Brazil also. May be, this one is a reason.
Here are my stats:

Hi. I watched your video on YouTube few days ago. Nice tips you give.

Thank You For Watching My Videos. :slight_smile:

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If people need work done, they will come to you. I’ve had longer avg. response time than you have right now and still got orders. You’re already quite established here. I think you’ll be fine.

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Yes, I think reasons for this drop of sales are Covid-19 and Protests in USA. All the small businesses are mostly closed.

People are having things done even during the Pandemic, so why would the protests affect your sales?

Moreover, Fiverr is an international platform. It’s another thing if you have clients from USA only.

Totally I completed 374 orders, from which 225 orders were from USA. So yes, mostly my buyers are from USA.