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Why Sales Fall

Sales may fall if seller doesn’t understand the motto of buyer. Sometimes seller doesn’t bid with appropriate price and in some case seller fails to receive the guideline of work that buyer gives in the message. In both case seller faces the loss of revenue.

What we should do to recover from these adverse situation?

Adjust accordingly.

If the buyer doesn’t give you information needed to complete the task, then send them a message indicating so.

Sometimes buyers will purchase a gig and “forget” to put the needed information or press the send button with the information. Some even close the browser after pressing send thinking it sent successfully and thus closing it before it goes through.

If the buyer purchases the gig and doesn’t even submit the followup information needed, then it will sit as incomplete in your cue and you will need to “nudge” them. this is a built in feature with fiverr for sellers in this type of scenario. The timer doesn’t start until this is complete on the buyers end.