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Why Sales went down on March 2017


I’m Experiencing orders from 9-10 a day to 1 a week not sure its because of my rating 4.9 or this month sales go down as usual any thoughts out their to help me out ?

February 2017 Slow Down




March Sales:


March Sales:


Hmm… Stock profile photo, says 4 American designers but the only listed language is UK English, the gig description is the same as the gig description of a Pakistani seller at another platform, duplicate gig descriptions, third gig description is completely copied from other Fiverr sellers (and is in first person)…

If you’re really looking for advice, here it is: use your own photo as a profile picture, or a logo you have designed from scratch; write your own gig descriptions; I haven’t checked the images you’re using, but if you haven’t designed them personally, from scratch, delete them and use your own; and be honest about yourself, your location, and everything else.


Cats: the world’s best detectives.

Well, OP. Once you’ve emerged from North Korea, let us know your riposte! You could change everything up, but I have screenshots.


lol thanks for your advice


Deju vu here, how about you?


Catwirter you NAILED IT :sunglasses: Bravo!!!


March Sales:


And do you see him/her/it/them changing anything on their profile or in their gigs?

It’s far easier to stick to the “use a stolen photo of a girl, lie that you’re from the US, copy gig description, copy everything” advice. Anything else would require too much work.


9,10 to 1? That’s queer, may be Fiverr algo forgot to rank your gig, should should check GIG analytics to view how many people daily visit your GIG and then debug why is that so!

But yes as Carwriter said, try to be yourself.


No its not going down. Feb and march was a very busy month for me.

@catwriter Bravo


@saddu_writer Same :green_heart:


@catwriter Take a Bow!

+1 Improve English - I am feeling for your American neighbors!


ill make a note on that thanks :slight_smile: